When it comes to thinking outside the box, what comes to mind? An unorthodox approach to the norm? Breaking the wheel and developing a new method? Taco Bell? We are sorry to throw a lot at you while also making you hungry, but thinking outside the box is something that in hindsight can lead to a fun project for yourself. Between our residential and commercial services, one material we provide is tile. Now, when you think of tile, flooring might come to mind. And yes, while tile flooring can accentuate any room, we are currently in the mindset of throwing out the rulebook. So instead of going the usual route, here are four tile fixtures that are a bit more unconventional. 

Accent Walls

Slate tile Walls

At its core, an accent wall serves as a fixture that gives rooms a break from the prominent color scheme. And what better way to provide an intermission to the theme of your room than with a tile-based accent wall. As unique as a different colored wall looks, the unprecedented appearance of a change in material will underscore the entirety of the room. Whether you opt for a stone or quartz accent tile wall, differentiating your space with tile is a simple way to add depth to your home.


When it comes to cooking and cleaning, both come with their very own hazards. One of the biggest in regards to the overall condition of your kitchen are possible splashes from oil and/or water. Enter backsplashes, which as the name alludes to, helps protect your kitchen from any possible spattering of liquid behind the sink and stove. This does not just have to serve a protective purpose, as a tile backsplash will keep the kitchen safe while not having to sacrifice the room’s aesthetics. What is nice about backsplashes are that they are smaller, making it less of an issue if you are not as fond of it and will not see it entirely cover your kitchen.

Home bathroom sink


The sheer number of ways to renovate your stairs can at times feel overwhelming. So to make your life a little more stress-free, we are only going to talk about implementing tile into your stairs. With how easy tile is to clean, you will not have to worry about major upkeep with this fixture in your home. If you are going to navigate around your house, why not do it in style?


First impressions with your home are always important, so make sure you set the tone with a tile entryway. With an array of design and color options at your disposal, the first steps into the house can be ones filled with “oohs” and “ahhs” at the sheer sight of a tile entryway. Whether you keep it simplistic or go for a more vibrant pattern, create a great vibe for those who are entering or on their way out with this fixture.

To make the most of tile this summer, come to RISSCO to think outside of the box! Curious about adding one of these aforementioned fixtures to your home? Head over to our contact page to get your free estimate!