Are you bored with how your bathroom looks at this moment? Maybe you want to create your very own spa retreat? Traditional tubs are wonderful for a quick bath, but most of them are too low. You’re not able to sit back comfortably for a relaxing soak. A freestanding tub is exactly what you’re looking for! Typically this tub will be the focal point of the bathroom, which is perfect if you’re an avid bath taker. From having plenty of space to fully relax your muscles, to designing your bathroom with ease, here’s why you need a freestanding tub in your main or master bathroom today!

Defines the space: This freestanding tub will be the center of attention no matter what your design is. The open space around the tub visually doubles it in size. No matter what size the room itself is or how the rest of the room is set up, your eye will always be drawn to the luxurious design this tub has to offer.

modern bathtub

Adds visual shape: Hands down, these tubs are exquisite. Each design has an elegant shape that can either blend with the aesthetic of the bathroom or contrast the look for a little “pop.” They often have a boxy shape to accommodate the inside of the tub, but the structure, itself, is how the lines and curves work with the rest of the room that makes the impact.

Creates a spa experience: Anytime you need a self-care day, or just need to soak some sore muscles from a hard workout, you can head to your own bathroom. On their own, freestanding tubs give off a spa-like feel. Adding in your favorite essential oils, bath bombs, and more gives you a personalized spa treatment that you can enjoy for as long as you’d like; and in the comfort of your own home.

Private master bathroom