If you’re looking for a budget-friendly way to make a big impact in any space, an accent wall is the answer. Color is the least expensive and easiest way to create an accent wall, but playing with texture and materials is a great way to customize your space without breaking your decor budget.

Natural Stone

Natural stone is easily one of the most expensive surface materials money can buy. To cut costs but still spotlight a beautiful stone, just stick with one accent wall. The look of exterior stone veneer in an indoor space complements industrial, cottage or rustic decor and the beauty speaks for itself. From entire seamless, single-piece walls to clearly split tile, natural stone comes in vast varieties of materials and textures to give you the style you want. From marble’s traditional luxury to slate’s hardy, inky darkness for calming rooms allowing you to unwind from a busy and hectic day, the options are nearly endless.

Slate tile Walls
quartz wall


Not as expensive as marble but with just as much charm, quartz is as great an option for your walls as your countertops. Stick to neutral shades such as grey, beige, cream, and even black for a natural design that’ll fit in any room – even your bathroom. Quartz also offers the luxury of mixing and matching patterns and textures. Its glassy outside reflects light well for a brighter room and better natural lighting while offering options with marbling, terrazzo patterns, or pristine single-color uniformity. 


Concrete walls make eye-catching interior design features and suit a variety of styles. They are often used as accent walls in spaces that use contrasts to look chic or that have a certain amount of industrial charm. A concrete wall can also be a focal point without the need to decorate it with striking wall art. Brick fireplaces had their big moment but are quickly being usurped by modern concrete fireplaces, a great industrial accent wall option. Fireplaces naturally draw the eye, so why not make them unique and eye-catching? Concrete may not have the colors of some other fabrication options, but they’re a blank slate, allowing you to mix and match styles and decorations without much consequence.

concrete wall
Wood Accent Walls


From sleek to rustic, wood is a perfect accent wall material because it instantly warms up any space. You can easily and affordably add that weathered style to your home by cladding a wall in wood planks. Additionally, adding simple wood moulding in an abstract pattern and painting it the same color as the wall adds dimension to an accent wall behind the bed, in an office, or as the backdrop for your living and dining room combination. If you want more texture and less paint, wood slatting is a great option for full wall coverage without worrying about being overwhelmed by color choices. 

Whatever your accent wall design dreams, Rissco can help! Specializing in countertops and bathroom fabrication, we won’t be stopped by any project request we’re equipped to do. With our mobile fabrication lab we can offer a variety of materials to new and returning customers, helping them transform their homes into works of art.