The cabinet and wall color are always mentioned in design blogs because they take up the majority of the kitchen. Even with the perfect colors for the main areas of the room, the wrong countertop could ruin the entire design. Generally, countertops can outlast multiple remodels. Depending on the material used, it can be more expensive and you won’t want to replace it if you decide to remodel the kitchen, especially if there’s nothing wrong with it. Choosing the right color for your countertop can make it easier or harder to remodel the kitchen. Here’s how you can choose the right countertop color to match your style.

Complements Your Changing Style

While humans are creatures of habit, sometimes we need to change up our space or style. Even with this development, there are still colors or patterns we stick to no matter what. If you enjoy updating your paint color every few years, sticking to a neutral color for your countertop might be the best option. Colors like white, grey, some shades of blue are beautiful neutral colors that pair with several styles. This includes working with patterns such as marble.

countertop with decoration

The Undertones

Painting a room is boring and can feel uncomfortable. Adding undertones to the room adds depth to the space. However, the undertones shouldn’t clash with the main color. That’s just as bad as having one color. The countertop color can be a complimenting undertone that helps tie the room together.

Look At Samples

Everything can look beautiful on a screen or in a magazine. Those pictures are done with the perfect lighting and professional cameras. They’re supposed to look beautiful. The lighting you have in your home is going to be different from those pictures. Getting samples allows you to see how the colors and patterns you want to use. It also helps you figure out the type of finish you want for your countertops.