Whether it’s the food industry, hotel, medical facility, or any other commercial business that uses countertops, it’s important to keep up with not only the newer trends but also any health and safety regulations. There are several reasons why upgrading your counter is a great idea. From boosting your business because of how nice everything looks, to increasing safety, and much more. Investing in the physical look makes a huge difference in how your customers respond. Here are just a few reasons to upgrade your commercial space.

McDonalds Waiting area
  • It’s Outdated – One thing that will keep customers away is if your business looks old and outdated no matter how wonderful the service is. If you moved into a space that might have belonged to a different business, their style usually isn’t the same as yours. Upgrading the counters not only makes them unique to what your company represents, but it shows your customers how much you’re taking care of the space.
  • It’s Stained – Stains, burns, and other marks can make any countertop look old and unkempt despite regular cleaning and sanitizing. Getting it replaced or upgraded will have a similar reaction as replacing an outdated counter.
  • It’s Damaged – Damaged counters can be a hazard to employees and customers. Even small cracks can hold onto dirt, debris, bacteria, and even mold despite regular cleanings. It’s unsanitary and unhygienic especially in the food and medical industries. Repairing any cracks or damages ensures the health and safety of your building.