RISSCO has specialized in fulfilling all your custom countertop needs for over 30 years! Read on for all of our countertop services.

Custom Countertops

Trends come and go and this is especially true for custom countertop materials. Independent of what material is trending now, RISSCO is ready to update your countertops throughout your home. Our products include quartz, granite, acrylic, solid surface acrylics, natural stone, recycled and eco-friendly options, wood, engineered concrete, glass, laminate, and many more countertop material options. We also customize your countertops in a variety of edge styles from simple to embellished curved and ornamental styles.

Countertop Repair

Don’t throw out your old countertops. Countertop repairs are often far more affordable than an entirely new countertop renovation. The average nationwide cost for countertop repair hovers around $350 with an absolute maximum cost of $1200. While the upper end of this repair estimate seems high, it largely depends on the damage and material. There are several different types of common repairs for countertops from repairing a crack in the countertop or a complete resurface due to material wearing away from food spills and everyday use. The difficulty of repairing a crack, a chip, or dents in countertops will come down to the type of material the countertop is made out of. The easier the material is to work with, the less it typically costs to repair those imperfections.

Custom Countertop repair

Countertop Removal

We’re your one-stop countertop needs shop with not only custom countertop installation services but also countertop removals and repairs. We help remove your current countertops, backsplashes, and any cabinetry build-up. When going through a full kitchen renovation, sometimes your entire kitchen cabinet and countertop setup need to be restructured, moved, and rebuilt. That’s why we remove everything!