A poor choice in your masonry details can be the key to a modern, updated kitchen or the downfall of an outdated design. From countertops to tile and more, here are the kitchen masonry trends of 2022!


Keep countertops going with trending waterfall designs! What exactly is a waterfall countertop? Waterfall countertops are one of the greatest masonry trends of the last few years, boasting a modern silhouette to countertops that are durable and sturdy with their continuous stone surround past the top of your island or counters. It creates a seamless and tasteful design that follows earns the Timeless Clean Lines seal of approval in sophisticated aesthetics.

waterfall countertop natural masonry trends

Pair sleek marble or quartzite waterfall style counters with dark cabinets for a classic black-and-white look. Looking for a more natural, rustic look? Granite or slate with natural wooden cabinets helps keep your kitchen looking homey and welcoming.

Backsplash and Tile

Backsplash tile is shaking it up in kitchens. Basic subway tiles are out, with large, pattern tiling and full slabs of beautifully patterned marble covering the backs of kitchens in many different colors. Using exotic stone in exciting bold colors is one of the top masonry trends of the year in both kitchens and bathrooms. Whether it’s in flooring, showers, behind the oven, or all over the kitchen walls – bright backsplashes, tile, and statement piece wall treatments are here to stay.

Materials go far beyond marble and granite. For a modern and industrial look, consider concrete or quartz. Both are very durable and can come in a variety of textures, colors, and patterns from cloud-like patinas and multi-layer monochromatic variations. Unsure of what to choose? RISSCO fabrication has the expertise, design mind, and equipment to guarantee your kitchen looks how you want down to the last detail. Our mobile fabrication lab brings materials to you so we can cut marble, pour concrete, and have everything to measure the first time.