2022 was another year full of renovation innovation, new trends, and successful projects. As we look forward to 2023, we recap the past year while gearing up for the new year ahead.

2022 Recap

As the year ends we follow up with the trends of 2022 and everything we’ve taught our clients in our News page. From backsplash and tile. countertops in varied materials, the importance of booking renovations early in year, different kitchen layouts, shower and tub tile installations, the benefits of custom countertops, and our mobile fabrication lab offering all kinds of countertop services, and more. In 2022, we were excited to continue offering our countertop maintenance, countertop removal, and new countertop installation services with the help of our mobile fabrication lab. In 2023, we plan to continue with the exact same quality and excellence our clients expect from us.

2023 Trends

There are dozens of kitchen countertop options out here, but there are several types that seem more trendy right now. Quartz and quartzite continue to be the most popular countertop choices amongst homeowners today. With quartz, the artificial pigments that are added allow homeowners a wide variety of choices, making it a more flexible option when coordinating the other aspects of your kitchen design. Granite has seen a fall from grace, still remaining popular but having its frequency challenged on a slab-by-slab basis.


A very new trend that has just come on the scene is the terrazzo countertop. Terrazzo is a unique material made of chips of natural stone like granite or marble that are set in concrete, then polished to a high sheen. It’s been used as a flooring material for decades, but has only just begun to see regular use on countertops. It’s still so new, it may not be seen everywhere just yet which poses some challenges, but we’re eager to see how terrazzo countertops develop in 2023!

Thank you to all of our clients who supported us through 2022. From the Rissco team, we’re fortunate for your business and excited for what the new year will bring for us. From new kitchen and bathroom countertops to new fabrication material trends that redefine homes, we’ll be there every step of the way.