Is your kitchen sink a double bowl or single bowl? Have you experienced any issues with it? Both types of sinks have their pros and cons. For those who enjoy cooking, you might find the double sink more convenient. On the flip side, having a single sink might give you the extra space you need. If you’re not sure which could benefit you more, here are a few pros we put together for each sink.

The Double Sink

sink with vegtables on the counter top next to it

It’s great for multitasking. Dirty dishes can have one side giving you space in the second sink for meal prepping. It’s also great to soak dishes. You put the clean ones in the second sink rinsing them off or placing them in the dishwasher.

● With a garbage disposal, the second sink gives you access to a drain letting your dishes continue to soak uninterrupted.

While double sinks take up more space than a single basin, the space you have to work with is smaller. You might have more of an issue washing bigger bowls or pots.

The Single Sink

● The single bowl is perfect for smaller kitchens without a lot of space.

● Single sinks have more space to handle bigger pots and pans.

● It’s not great for those who like to multitask because everything is in one space.

● If the sink is full of dishes, you cannot use the garbage disposal properly.

woman cleaning vegtables

◦ Pro Tip: To help separate things get a dishpan that you can store when not in use. A dishpan will give you the feeling of a double sink when you need that extra space.

So which one is better?

It’s all about personal preference. If you like soaking your plates and cups before washing them, then a double sink could be the option. On the other hand, if you use larger cookware, the single sink could suit you better. Before the remodel, research what’s going to be the best for you and your family.

Single Vs. Double Sink: Which is Better For Your Kitchen? 1
Single Vs. Double Sink: Which is Better For Your Kitchen? 2