Your countertops can take quite a bit of everyday use, but unfortuntately, they’re not indestructible. Despite how durable the material might be, countertops need routine maintenance just like everything else in your kitchen. This maintenance will help your countertops lasting for years, and there isn’t that much work to do with them.

The Routine Cleaning Procedure

The design of countertops, including the material used, is meant for easy clean. Messes happen, especially when you’re cooking.

  • For a day to day clean up, all you will need is mild dish soap, warm water, and a sponge or washcloth of your choosing.
  • While most countertop material is stain resistant, don’t leave liquids like soda, wine, vinegar, etc. to dry on the countertop.
  • Dry the countertop thoroughly after washing it to prevent streaks, watermarks, or residue buildup.
  • If you do have a stubborn or dried-on spill that you can’t get off using a non-scratching pad, and a surface cleaner can do the trick.
    • Some that we recommend is
      • White 3M Scotch-BriteⓇ scrub pad
      • Formula 409Ⓡ Glass & Surface Cleaner
      • SoftScrub Advanced Cleaner
      • And other comparable cleaning product you enjoy
man polishing countertop
woman cutting nuts on a cutting board

How to treat heat damage & scratches?

Most countertops can resist heat and scratches, but that doesn’t mean they’re scratch and heat-proof. You can’t keep a hot pot on the countertop while you’re serving dinner, and deep scratches will leave marks. Make sure you always use hot pads or trivets for hot pots and skillets and use a cutting board instead of chopping right on the countertop.

What should you avoid?

Don’t use any heavy chemicals or solvents on your countertops. These would be products like bleach, permanent markers, paint removers, and more. These types of chemicals can damage countertops permanently.

What if a difficult spill or material happens?

Accidents happen, therefore spills happen. You can remove some hardened or dried products like nail polish, food, grease, and more with a putty knife and the cleaning products mentioned already. A word of caution, however. Be careful with the putty knife when scraping. If not used properly, it can scratch the countertop.

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How to Care For Your Countertops to Make Them Last 1
How to Care For Your Countertops to Make Them Last 2