Your business needs to look clean and tidy at all times. It doesn’t matter if your clients are visiting all day or if only your employees are visiting. It’s not just for aesthetic purposes but for the health of those visiting. While the countertop material for commercial and residential are the same, the functions can be vastly different. To save your business some time, money, and frustration pick out the best countertop material that’s going to stand up to daily use.

Which material is the best?

● Granite: It’s no surprise to see granite on this list. This material can take a beating daily without any issues. The design of the granite is professional looking and versatile to suit any business. One of the best things is that granite is very easy to clean, easy to care for, and can handle day to day use.

granite countertop
white & gray granite

● Quartz: Quartz is another material that’s great for commercial use. It has a modern feel and can work with a variety of designs. Usually, you’ll find quartz in restaurants, doctors, offices, law firms, etc. It’s relatively inexpensive, clean-looking, and durable.

Which material is not recommended?

● Marble: Marble is excellent for residential. It’s elegant and classical, going with quite a few designs. The issue is that it doesn’t hold up to heavy use that a commercial environment has. Marble can also be more expensive for commercial use.

● Plastic: Plastic is the most affordable of this list, but it does not hold up well to the volume of foot traffic. Plastic can be marked up reasonably easily from knife nicks, stains, burns, and more. It’s not durable enough for commercial use.

white marble