When designing a kitchen you want to first and foremost think of function. Form can be great, but if you are constantly breaking your countertops or appliances, and nothing ever works properly, you may want to think more about the practical use of your kitchen installations. On the flip side, you may not find yourself in, or even using your kitchen very often. Some people aren’t foodies or the next contestant on Iron Chef, and they simply want an attractive looking space that can do some basic things, if need be. No matter who you are, you deserve a functional and visually pleasing kitchen space you are proud of. Start with the backbone of your kitchen’s aesthetic, the countertop. Set the tone of your kitchen with one of these fabulous choices!

Granite – This is the more expensive, but worth it option. Granite is heat resistant, scratch resistant, & stain resistant when properly sealed. This choice not only adds serious value to your home but will last for decades. In fact, granite is so hard the only things hard enough to scratch granite is another piece of granite and diamond.

granite countertop
white & gray granite

Quartz – Sometimes, at a slightly smaller price point than granite, but with a wider variety of color options, and depth. This choice is a modern twist that provides a greater degree of variation. Quartz is not as hard as other materials but is not porous, which means it is the best at resisting odor and stains over the years.

Marble – Quite a bit more expensive than granite, this is the crown jewel of countertops. It is considered by the biggest names in design as the pinnacle of countertop and flooring material. If you are not serious about the presentation and maintenance of this luxurious material, perhaps a more functional option is the best choice.

white marble
Black rectangle marble wall

Soapstone – a softer choice than quartz or granite, but is the most easily cleanable, and like quartz, nonporous; making it a great stain and odor resistor. In certain cases, this attractive stone can be equal to or more expensive than granite.

Stainless steel – Steering away from the rock or stone look, nothing beats the practicality of stainless steel. It does come with its set of drawbacks, however. It will scratch, it can dent, and they are very noisy. Not to mention expensive. The sleek precise look your kitchen will have is considered by some to be the “be all, end all” of kitchen design. However, this style is not for the traditionalist.

Brushed metal plate